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New Arrivals

Brazil Cerrado


This is the stuff of espresso legend! Crema by the truckful, just the way you like it. Also dangerously good as a dark-roast American coffee! 

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji


This Sidamo specialty has that fruit-forward taste of Ethiopian coffee you know and love. But, we roast it a bit darker to get that thicker, fuller body you didn't know you wanted! 

Sumatra Aceh Gold


Pronounced "Ah-Chay," this is definitely the Sumatra you've been looking for! This is another La Minita produced coffee, and it's a must try!


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Organic Selections

Colombia Don Enrique Reserve - Certified Organic


As premium as Colombian coffee gets, this organic-certified specialty is the best Colombian we've ever carried. Don't take our word for it - try it in your own mug and be happy!

Papua New Guinea Tsekaka - Certified Organic


Tsekaka is the language used by the farmers that grow this organic coffee. We roast this one a bit lighter to bring out that wonderful creaminess and mango fruitiness!

Sumatra Decaf- Certified Organic


 We went on a hunt for the best decaf we could find, and this Sumatra won! Enjoy your coffee any time of day with this superb organic decaf! 

Single-Origin Coffee

Our coffee is always carefully sourced through our trusted suppliers. We strive to make sure that our beans are of the highest quality the world has to offer and the farmers that provide them are fairly compensated. We're always searching for the best-tasting beans for our customers, so check back often to see what's new!

Roasted Fresh To Order

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with freshly roasted coffee made from the finest Arabica beans available. We roast in small batches only, which means your coffee is roasted when you order and has not been sitting on a shelf for weeks (or months) at the grocery store. Each bag of Koawood Coffee will include a 'Roasted On' date.

Free Local Pickup

If you are in the Yorkville area, save on shipping costs and pick up your freshly roasted coffee when convenient for you! If we're shipping your coffee, we roast and ship same day. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority using a flat rate. You'll receive a tracking number after shipment.

Impress your friends with your newfound coffee expertise! Learn proper storage, grinding and brewing techniques to extract the best flavors from your freshly roasted coffee! 

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